Smoky Ridge Maintenance Assocation

The Smoky Ridge Maintenance Association has regular monthly meetings. Unless otherwise specified, meetings are held on the second Monday of every month via Zoom until further notice. Meetings are open to all members of the Association and governed in the Bylaws Article II, Point 2. The Board invites all homeowners to attend and welcomes the valuable input you have to give. Come and have your voice heard and also learn about what is happening in our neighborhood. We look forward to seeing you soon!

2020 Annual Dues have been finalized. Board of Directors and Architectural Control Committee positions have been updated since the last change of positions on March 18th, 2020. The list of the Board of Directors and their positions will be updated as soon as the webmaster receives an update.

2020 Annual Dues

During the annual meeting on November 13th, 2018, the members of the community voted to approve the budget in the packet. Dues have been set to $497.80 per parcel. This amount shall be paid in biannual installments, $248.90 in January and $248.90 in July. Contact our management company if you have not received your homeowner's yearly packet or if you have questions about available payment options.

Board of Directors

As defined in Bylaws Article VII, Section 1, the Board of Directors shall adapt and publish rules and regulations regarding hte maintenance property, ensure the proper enforcement of the Declarations and Bylaws, and ensure the companies procured to take care of the maintenance property and records keeping is done properly. The Board encourages participation from all members of the community in a respectful manner.

PresidentKen Cruise2019-2022
Vice PresidentDavid QuackenbushTerm Ending 2021
Secretary/TreasurerMichael Carnevale2019-2022
DirectorNatasha Selwyn2018-2021
DirectorDennis Myers2017-2020
DirectorSteve HartTerm Ending 2020
DirectorOPENTerm Ending 2020

Architectural Control Committee

Declaration Article IX, Section 2 - It shall be the duty of the Architectural Control Committee and it shall have the power by the exercise of its best judgement to see that all structures, improvements, construction, decorating, and landscaping on the Properties conform to and harmonize with the existing surroundings and structures and otherwise conform with this Declaration.

Norm Davey
Jennifer Langley
Lynne Conroy

Management and Legal

Property Management Cherry Creek HOA Professionals
Suite 320
14901 E Hampden Ave
Aurora CO 80014
Manager: Jackie Laire (303) 693-2118
Facsimile: (303) 693-8803
Cherry Creek HOA Professionals - Owner Portal
Legal Representation Law Office of Moeller Graf P.C.
385 Inverness Parkway, Suite 200
Englewood, Colorado 80112


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