Association Documents

This year's meeting minutes can be found on the calendar page. Last year's meeting minutes can be found on the meeting minutes page. The regular newsletters can be found on the newsletters page.

Document Purpose
Declaration A governing document that defines the homeowners rights, including division of ownership and protective standards / restrictions, creating the overall framework for operation and organization of the association.
Bylaws A governing document that illustrates the details of running the association including general powers and duties of the board, procedures for member/board meetings and elections, and the voting rights of members.
Bylaws Amendment 1 March 11, 1996 - Changes the nunmber of directors from three (3) to seven (7).
Bylaws Amendment 2 March 27, 2006 - Updates the bylaws concerning meetings, proxies, votes, conflicts of interest, and amending bylaws.
Bylaws Amendment 3 April 15, 2009 - Updates the bylaws concerning conflicts of interest.
Bylaws Amendment 4 December 8, 2009 - Updates the bylaws concerning annual meetings and setting the annual assessment.
Articles of Incorporation A governing document that establishes the association as a corporation, and defines its basic powers and purpose.
Combined Rules [Updated: April 2018] A document that elaborates on the Declarations, Articles, Bylaws, or Statutes, further defining standards, rights, and restrictions.
Architectural Control Committee Policies A governing document that establishes the procedures and policy for the Architectural Control Committee.
Architectural Control Committee Guidelines [Updated: April 2019] Smoky Ridge Homeowners Association Guidelines for Improvements.
Reserve Study (2017) A reserve study is a detailed report that assists common interest developments (CID) in planning for long-term common area repair and replacement expenses.
Master Community Development Plan (2021) A plan for the future direction of the Smoky Ridge communuty.
Reserve Study (2009) Executive summary of the previous reserve study. Additional documents: Assumptions & Professional Service Conditions, Firm Qualifications, Reserve Expenditures page 1, Reserve Expenditures page 2, Reserve Funding Plan, and Reserve Study Photographs.
Meeting Minutes April 2022 - The latest approved meeting minutes.
Financial Statement End of April 2022 - The current approved financial statement. The associations plan for revenue and expenditures within the current fiscal year. A report of the finances of the association, including an income/expense statement, balance sheet and budget.
Budget 2021 - Budget approved at the annual meeting.
Conflict of Interest Resolution Policy regarding conflicts of interest concerning directors.
Meetings Resolution Policy regarding board and member meetings.
Audit December 31, 2018 - A results statement from the professional entity who preformed the financial audit or review for the association.