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What are the boundaries of Smoky Ridge?

North: East Belleview Place; East: South Himalaya Street; South: shopping center located off of Smoky Hill Road; West: South Dunkirk Way. The downloadable Neighborhood Map comes from the documentation submitted to public records (west is facing up, rotate counterclockwise for a north facing map). An interactive Neighborhood Map can also be viewed which includes additional information such as dog bag stations..

What are the maintenance responsibilities of the HOA?

The Association is responsible to maintain the common area mailboxes, entrance monuments, common area landscaping (including the turf, trees, shrubs and watering expenses), and the perimeter fence along South Himalaya Street, East Progress Circle, and East Crestline Circle.

How does the Board select contractors for the Association?

The Board solicits multiple proposals for projects and contracts in Smoky Ridge. Contractors are selected based on past experience, references and competitive pricing.

What is Smoky Ridge’s snow removal policy?

The Smoky Ridge Maintenance Association clears snow on the common areas sidewalks (East Crestline Circle, East Progress Circle, and South Himalaya Street) when there is 2 inches of accumulation or more. The streets within the community are public streets and are cleared by the City of Centennial. For information about their snow removal policy, you can visit their Snow Plow Routes page. The City of Centennial also hosts a Snow & Ice Control FAQs page for questions regarding homeowner responsibility regarding snow removal.

What does the HOA do to ensure that homeowners are taking care of their property?

Per the Board’s direction, the HOA management company performs routine inspections of the property to check for violations of the Association’s Declarations. Homeowners are obligated to maintain their homes in an attractive well-kept manner. Violation letters are issued for homes that need to be painted, yards that are not maintained, fences that are damaged, dead or dying trees, and driveways with oil stains.

What should we do when a neighbor’s dog barks excessively?

You may contact either Arapahoe County Animal Control (720-874-6750) or Centennial Animal Control (303-325-8070) in order to file a complaint.

How does the Board determine the amount of the annual assessment?

The Board of Directors prepares and annual budget each year after researching annual contract amounts, looking at the need for repairs in the community and the historical trend of annual expenditures. The Board can only increase the assessment in an amount equal to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of the District of Columbia. The Board can also call a vote of the homeowners to adjust the annual assessment.

How do I get in touch with my HOA?

Visit the Contact the HOA page.